Images of Christ

This is a collection of ¬†images of Christ, painted over many years. ¬†Some are from catacomb paintings, others from manuscripts, statues or mosaics. And some from other icons. This first image was copied from a manuscript. Christ with woman of faith, after Catacomb Miracle of loaves, after Catacomb Pantocrator   Ecce Homo; Behold the man… Read More Images of Christ


I am afraid that is a very vague title, but what can you do? Saints; philanthropists; Christians who were not afraid to live their lives in accordance with their faith. There are many tens of millions of such people all around us; these are just a few. William Wilberforce Olaudah Equiano (unfinished) Albert Schweitzer Martin… Read More Saints

Priests and Religious

Artists are supposed never to use black. That is rather a challenge when painting religious. Lots of black, brown and white, not much else. John Fisher The Venerable Bede Maximilian Kolbe Mere Marie de Paris 1 Mere Marie de Paris 2   Faustina Kowalska   Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein)   Katharine Drexel   John of… Read More Priests and Religious

Historiated Initials

This series began when my daughter asked for a picture of Christina of Markyate. There are now 12 completed initials, and three unfinished; K, O and V. It may take a while to finish them all.   St Anne teaching the Virgin Mary to read   Bernard of Clairvaux   Christina of Markyate   David… Read More Historiated Initials