May 25th

Three more pictures today. The first is in response to the appalling terrorist attack in Manchester from earlier this week, which has left many of us heartbroken and at a loss to know how to move forward. I wanted to paint an image of the loss of innocent people, without anything too graphic, so here… Read More May 25th

15 May

I have neglected this place for a while, partly because my new phone was not uploading photographs properly. Still not sure why that happens, but encouraged by some very kind comments from visitors here are several new pictures. There are others. In other news I have arranged to exhibit three pictures in the British Association of… Read More 15 May

March 24th

It seems a long time since I added any pictures here because Charlie and I have been travelling again, this time to Miami. To make up for this here are some new initials, K and N.          

New pictures for 2017

After a difficult few months I have spent a week at home with a cold, and this has given me the space to complete some new pictures; the first since September. There are many others in various stages of completion but for now here are Abelard and Heloise, John Keble, Mary Ward and William Tyndale.  


I am afraid there has been no painting for a couple of months. Lots of reasons for that, most of which can be summarised as ‘life’. I thought I might try to see what Advent brings, so on Thursday I began drawing an outline, and on Friday managed this; very early days but at least… Read More John