New for 2020

Here are a few new additions to my collection of saints, all painted since the beginning of the year.

The first is a 16″ x 20″ Trinity, based on the famous Rublev image. I started this painting about 3 years ago, but abandoned it after the first outlines. At the start of the year I decided to complete this and some other similar paintings. It is decorated with 24 carat gold leaf on the halos and the chalice.

Also known as the Hospitality of Abraham, this image shows the three angels who visited Abraham and Sarah at their home near the Oak of Mamre, as described in Genesis 18.

Trinity after Rublev
Trinity after Rublev

This much smaller icon is of Florence Nightingale, painted to commemorate the 200th anniversary of her birth. It is 5″ x 10″.

Florence Nightingale

Soren Kierkegaard was painted in December, but varnished in January, so I think I can include him in this collection of new work. 5″ x 10″

Soren Kierkegaard

Scottish missionary Mary Slessor. 5″ x 10″.

20200105_145207 (1)
Mary Slessor

A new Divine Comedy picture; Paradise as Snow White Rose. An image I have painted many times over the years.

20200104_095441 (1)
Paradise as Snow White Rose, from the Divine Comedy by Dante





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