11th January

So, here we are. January. Totally avoiding watching the news for the next four years, at least. I can’t change anything about the news while it is far too likely to cause despondency, and life is far too short for that.

As a brief update of progress to date, here are my completed pictures, or some of them at least. There are larger ones in another room.


And these are some of the works in progress. I thought this was all of them, and then found some more hiding beside my work table. But this gives an idea of what is pending.


The second one, in the rather large Gold cape, began life as Augustine, then I changed my mind and thought he could be Cuthbert. Now I am not really sure who he is. The end historiated initials are F and K, which begged the question, have I got the letters to spell out a profanity when they are finished? Yep.

That could prove very useful.





2 thoughts on “11th January

  1. I totally agree with your comments re the news and am glad you voiced those words, Cathy as I cannot watch the news as it bogs me down and depresses me too.
    I love your website and there is the ‘blue’ icon I first saw in St Margaret’s.
    Love Sandra


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