Church on the Spilled Blood

Charlie and I went to St Petersburg for my birthday; here we are at the Marinsky Theatre on October 1 for the Marriage of Figaro. Totally unforgettable.


This is the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, aka the Saviour on the Spilled Blood Church, St Petersburg. It marks the exact place where Emperor Alexander II was mortally wounded on March 1, 1881. He died an hour later in the Winter Palace.



This tiny little gem of a church has the most beautiful icons I have ever seen.

Although I am not painting at present, I think a series based on these icons will be good in the new year. I have always used either white or gold for icon backgrounds, but I love the blue which is used in this church; it is wonderful. As other painters will know we can’t just leap into painting; there always has to be a time of thinking, praying and growing. That is where I am at present.

In the meantime, here are some photographs. The site of the Emperor’s assassination is marked by the canopy in the second picture, which stands over the actual blood stained cobble stones. Memory eternal, Alexander.

The Resurrection icon on the iconostasis is my favourite of all; it is really beautiful.


And another view of the church, from the evening.


I would never have expected to visit St Petersburg, see such a beautiful church and meet such hospitable people. It was really wonderful.



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