Just a couple of new pictures this time.

I have started a large image of the Rublev Trinity but thought it would be best to paint this little angel first, to get the feel for Rublev’s imagery. This is the Archangel Michael.


And continuing the gold backgrounds, this larger picture is finally finished, after many months; The Annunciation, after a mosaic in the Victoria and Albert museum. I have painted two smaller versions of this already, but this one is far larger and more complicated.


Here is a side view of the box canvas; no need for a frame, just hang it straight on the wall.


Perhaps it would help to show a picture of the original mosaic as well, from Art of the Byzantine Era, by David Talbot Rice.


There are now six pictures remaining to finish; the Trinity, a Theotokos, John Howard, two historiated initials and a picture of the sea of Galilee. At times there have been twenty or more waiting to be finished, so this is quite a change.

And Autumn begins to draw in, which means far less light for painting. Even daylight bulbs and lamps don’t quite compensate for the lack of full spectrum sunlight. Today the rain is falling steadily on my garden, the grass is strewn with bright orange crab apples and the cyclamen are flowering. In the front garden the drive will be covered with rowan berries; it is a very colourful time of year.




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