25 July

I have spent a couple of days getting to know Rublev icons, reading about his life and watching films about him. The Rublev Trinity was the favourite icon of a very dear Catholic priest, Fr Don Breen, who used to hold services after the Anglican ones in our church, many years ago. He had no church of his own, so held services in our church on Sundays and in his home, a very modest little bungalow, on Wednesdays. He wanted to offer me communion but his Bishop would not let him; I didn’t mind.

So, in memory of Fr Breen, I am attempting the Trinity. I don’t expect this to happen quickly; it could take some months. To begin, I painted the outline of a Rublev angel on a smaller canvas, and then sketched the outline of the Trinity on the larger one.

Then I finished an icon of Maximilian Kolbe and varnished the second Catacomb picture.




Later still, further work on the icon of Hannah, Peninnah and Elkanah.





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