May 3rd

This morning there is glorious sunshine streaming through the window, and my garden looks lovely; a mass of daisies and bluebells. Snowdrops are my favourite flowers but bluebells come a very close second.


The table is covered with half finished pictures, and the bookshelf is filling up with finished ones. I took photographs of all of the 8 x 10 pictures on Monday, using the camera Charlie gave me at Christmas.

There are now ten illuminated capitals, with another four started; F, H, K and R. It isn’t easy to find examples of capitals with the right saints, so I may have to cheat if I can’t find them all.

These are the finished ones:


There is a new series of philanthropist Christians; these are Elizabeth Fry and George Muller. Others will include William Wilberforce, John Howard and Albert Schweitzer.


And this is Teresa of Avila.


After starting 6 new pictures I ran out of 8 x 10 canvasses and had to order some more. There are 46 finished paintings of this size and another 11 not quite finished yet. They are the same size and background so that they can be combined in all sorts of different ways.

I used to put new pictures on the wall, but now they are wrapped up and put onto a shelf instead. There are too many of them to display.






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