Advent Sunday yesterday; the start of a new church year.

I am working on some new pictures, but progress is slow, as my dad is very unwell. I paint in the mornings when I can. This was the start of Christ the King, or Pantocrator. The tracing was made from the first version of this, which I painted some years ago, and is based on an image from the Moscow school.


And this is how he looks today. There are still a few hours of work to go,to refine this further, but it is getting close.


There is also a full length version.


Another work in progress; this has a full length version as well.




10 thoughts on “Advent

      1. It was at this time of the year three years ago that Rachael’s father finally succumber to the dementia, so I have a particular empathy with you; it;s a dark enough time without this. I think you are wise to see when your own strength is spent and to let others take the strain; you have had far too much of that in your life. God bless you all.

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    1. You can find me on Facebook as Catherine Young. I know you don’t go there yourself, but you can see what is happening, at least. Except I never post much about dad; not really the place. xxx

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