Becoming an Iconographer

I have registered as self employed. I can now really consider myself an Iconographer, which means I need to start to consider prices.

It is a good job I have a lot of pictures already because it is some weeks since I painted anything, mostly because of the aged parents’ very poor health. At present there is a degree of calm, but it will not last.

There are 22 unfinished canvasses waiting for attention, one of them very nearly finished and just needing a couple of hours’ work.  These are the canvasses in the ‘pending’ box.


And here are some of them on my work table; these are the ones which are fit to be seen. The two on the left will only take a very short time to finish, but time is not the problem. Calm is the problem.


This is where my finished canvasses are kept; in boxes in a cupboard in my kitchen.

They have never been exhibited.


I am hoping to paint again soon.

Meanwhile my thoughts turn to business cards and a website; do I need a new one, or will this one do?




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