One of the recipients of recent icons has written to me; the icon of Oscar Romero is now safely home, so that is lovely. And Anselm is also in his new home.

Recent days have seen my dad in hospital, but we hope he will be home tomorrow. The long term outlook is not good, but we have a little more time.

The trip to the hospital this morning gave me an excuse to take these pictures in the hospital chapel, dedicated to St Barnabus. I gave them the icon some years ago after a mosaic was stolen. There are several versions of this one around; it is one of my favourite images of the Lord. Not mine, the original.



And although no painting has happened for a while, I have varnished Elijah and David. These have no new home to go to; they will be going into boxes.


After the fears of the past few days I now need to sleep for about a week. Maybe two, and then it will be time to turn again to these pictures.



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