Picture for today; part of the alphabet series; John the Apostle. This is at the start of the day. I worked on him last night, but the light was too poor to take a picture of it.

As no doubt everyone already knows. the letters i and j were originally regarded as long and short forms of the same letter; the only difference was orthographic; the descender was used in initial place, the minim form in the middle of a word. Which means that Ioannis and Iesous are both i and j.

Rather confusingly, dear Ioannis here has a capital I which has no clear descender, but what can you do? I needed the letter to frame the picture.


The next picture was John yesterday morning. My pictures are painted in layers from back to front; they usually take four sessions of three or four hours over several days, but sometimes more. Last of all is the name, and any gilding.

That explains why I work on several pictures at once; each layer of image has to be left a day or more to dry before the next is added. If the former layer is not dry the underlying paint can crumble and peel off the canvas. Fortunately the summer weather helps with drying.


The difference this evening is probably too slight to show on a photograph;mostly straightened lines, but this is how John looks now:


And here is his friend, David, facing a rather Arthurian looking Goliath.



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