23 July

The three pictures have all gone to their new homes; the third was delivered yesterday. None had to travel by post this time. Orthodox never send their icons by post; that must be fun.

I once sent an icon of St Paul to a church in Maryborough, Queensland. The post office asked if I wanted to send it by air mail. I said yes, it had better be by air; dear Paul does not have happy memories of travelling by sea.

There are 2 icons in the US, both in churches. St John the Apostle is one; I can’t remember for the moment who the other one is; I will try to recall. There is one in Scotland, of 3 Passionist saints. Most are in England; Stevie probably still has more than anyone else; Pantocrator, St Benedict, St Dominic, OL of Sorrows, St Francis, Buddhist monk, St Laurence and Blessed Oscar Romero, and three large landscapes, from the days when I painted with a palette knife. It uses a lot of paint! There is one in the chapel of the local hospital; lots with people I have met, some with people I haven’t.

The ones on my dining room table are untouched from the other day, and I have a lovely quiet day to myself, but I am a bit too tired from yesterday to paint; it was a long day. Today I am listening to the radio, looking out into the garden and intermittently attempting to tidy the house and clean the kitchen. Or perhaps, considering doing all of those.


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