Welcome to Iconismus

Thanks for visiting Iconismus, my online gallery. Click the menu to find the pages.

The pictures here have been painted over several years, and follow a range of different threads; humanitarians, New Testament, poets, WWII and many others. My favourite theme of all is wonderful hats; you will find quite a few of them in these pages.

I originally painted for fun, but this is now my living, so if you are interested in buying any of my work or to discuss a commission leave a message below.

You can also find me at https://www.facebook.com/Iconismus, or https://www.instagram.com/cathyafy

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Catherine Young

Painting St Patrick



All images copyright Catherine Young unless stated otherwise

One thought on “Welcome to Iconismus

  1. Reblogged this on BILL'S SPACE and commented:
    I thought you might like to see the work of an old acquaintance I met again recently at the funeral of a mutual friend. I have been amazed by the quality of her images. Especially the Icons which are her real passion. Enjoy and please follow the Blog.


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