Hello, nice to meet you.

This is a collection of pictures which I have painted over many years. Some are icons, some seascapes. Most I still have, but a considerable number have found their way to other homes over the years; Russia, Alaska, the US, Australia and mostly the UK. They are in chapels, churches and privately owned by bishops, priests and lay people.

The majority of the icons are derived from existing images, the older, the better, but there are a few which are more modern, and painted from photographs.

I am an Anglican. I paint on canvas with acrylic, which is not the traditional way to paint icons but my little saints don’t seem to mind. I write the name of the person depicted on the front in paint, and only sign my name on the back in pencil when I am sending it to a new home, if I remember. Sometimes I forget. By preference I paint on Loxley Gold box canvas, but some of the older images are on other types of canvas and there are a few on canvas board, because that makes them far easier to frame.

I began painting many years ago when I could no longer work in Public Relations due to ill health and I gradually began to paint more and more. I began with two very small icons of St Benedict and St Dominic for a friend of mine, who is the Rector of a church. He liked them both, so I carried on painting. For a long time I gave my pictures away to good homes, but then started to build up a collection of my own. I have painted several pictures as commissions. I can’t promise to be able to paint anyone at all; there has to be a connection of some kind, but I will always at least consider requests.

The blog shows the work I am doing at present; the other pages show the ones already completed. There are a few seascapes as well, and also some pictures of Paschal Candles; just click on the headings at the top of the page, or here:


These images are ‘creative commons non commercial*.’ In English that means that I retain copyright on the images, but am happy for anyone to print a copy to stick on the fridge. If you want to do anything else with them email me on cathyafy@aol.com. And feel free to leave comments.


Catherine Young

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Reblogged this on BILL'S SPACE and commented:
    I thought you might like to see the work of an old acquaintance I met again recently at the funeral of a mutual friend. I have been amazed by the quality of her images. Especially the Icons which are her real passion. Enjoy and please follow the Blog.


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