Hello, nice to meet you. This is a collection of pictures which I have painted over many years. Some are icons, some seascapes. Most I still have, but a considerable number have found their way to other homes over the years; Russia, Alaska, the US, Australia and mostly the UK. They are in chapels, churches… Read More Welcome

15 May

I have neglected this place for a while, partly because my new phone was not uploading photographs properly. Still not sure why that happens, but¬†encouraged by some very kind comments from visitors here are several new pictures. There are others. In other news I have arranged to exhibit three pictures in the British Association of… Read More 15 May

March 24th

It seems a long time since I added any pictures here because Charlie and I have been travelling again, this time to Miami. To make up for this here are some new initials, K and N.          

New pictures for 2017

After a difficult few months I have spent a week at home with a cold, and this has given me the space to complete some new pictures; the first since September. There are many others in various stages of completion but for now here are¬†Abelard and Heloise, John Keble, Mary Ward and William Tyndale.  


I am afraid there has been no painting for a couple of months. Lots of reasons for that, most of which can be summarised as ‘life’. I thought I might try to see what Advent brings, so on Thursday I began drawing an outline, and on Friday managed this; very early days but at least… Read More John